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who we are

National Organization for Renal Disease(NORD) is a nonprofit health agency dedicated to preventing kidney (renal) disease, diabetes and high blood pressure through education and research.

what we do

National Organization for Renal Disease(NORD) strives to provide the latest preventive and critical medical information to populations at high risk for developing renal disease and its precursors through their programs of awareness, prevention, education and research.

In addition, we seek to transform the remedies and delivery systems in which these illnesses are treated for the betterment of individuals and their communities.

NORD promotes organ and tissue transplantation and other progressive therapies in treatment modalities through innovative, cutting edge, research and permanent testing sites until we find an effective way to treat these chronic diseases.

how we are doing

In the past 15 years, we have screened and educated over 70,000 clients.

We have distributed over 200,000 pieces of educational materials related to kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other related illnesses.

We provide monitoring tools when available for blood pressure and blood glucose.

We have reached over 650,000 on television, radio, and cable through various Media resources.

Everyone is equal when they are sick.
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